waiting for whatever: 100 ink drawings

This project took me 3 months to complete, spanning from June 3rd to August 31st 2014. When I started, i had hope to complete them before going to France for a month, and i did. Making these drawings helped me to get through some dark times, but not really much darker than usual now that i am looking back on it; especially since i kept myself occupied with this meditation.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to share these pieces (and a few others) at MOCO Gallery for their last exhibition from October 27th til the 30th. They closed the next day.

Part of my exhibition was to work alongside the title. I spent each of these days in the space for 10 or 12 hours waiting for whatever. I sat at a table across the enterance with the door open while my guitar/drone/speaker hummed on. I passed the time drawing, playing guitar, reading poetry aloud, reading tarot/studying, eating burritos, selling a handful of the 100 pieces, trading tapes, and meeting whomever was curious enough to wander in from the street to see what I was up to.