K^ren muSICK VideOZ

these are the found footage "offical" "music" videos that i made for the k^ren in which i played drums. as a band, we lived together, worked together, pooped in the same toilet, fed each other, went on tour and actually made a few bucks --- then we separated... soon we will be back soon will we be backing up soon and we're back, soon. ish. part of this band is that we're a joke and part of the joke is we're a band and most bands are a joke, so who were we really kidding if not ourselves? every person that thought we were a band and not just a bunch of goobers trying to have fun; unless you were goobering around to our toons having fun, then you're serious and then people will take you seriously, and then you're no longer a joke and you're cool cus you like music, cus not very many people actually like music but really they do and im only kidding because i am a child that will not grow up and that's a big part of the joke... growing up is for babies.

k^ren - circuit broken

k^ren - brand new day

k^ren - be nice

k^ren - how to make a new friend

k^ren - i didn't see the poodle

k^ren - trapeze artist